Spring Update

After we cleaned out all the aphids, we went to work replanting everything. We have around 8 tomato plants, 6 cucumber, 4 spaghetti squash, some herbs, and a lot of lettuce.

I used a foliar treatment containing chelated iron, potassium sulfate, Dolomite Lime (calcium, magnesium), and copper sulfate on all of the fruit bearing plants once every other week to help with the large nutrient load they require. I’ll probably keep starting beens and other herbs to replace the greens as they’re ready for harvest.

You’ll notice that the tomatoes are a bit leggy with well developed stems. This happened at germination for these and a good amount of lettuce as well. I’ve ruled out light issues because my grow cabinet has bright sunny daylight conditions. I believe my issue now is that I’m keeping the cabinet too warm. I’ve only recently discovered that this can also cause stretching. As you can see, in the image with the shiny background, the cucumbers and squash look much better this time around because I left the heater off and kept the door cracked after germination.

basil, thyme, and red lettuce

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