Tomatoes, squash, and beans are going crazy

I’ve come to the conclusion that all but one of these spaghetti squashes need to go. I’m feeding the fish 6 times a day all they can eat and my nitrates are still at 0. For the record, these 4 squash plants gulp more nutrients than 300 heads of lettuce. I think I’m going to try and transplant them outside once it’s a little warmer.

There are only 3 pole bean plants here. I trimmed them initially and they started branching all over the place. They’re now getting pretty loaded with flowers and I’m hoping I’ll see some beans soon.

Yeaaaa tomatoes! There are roma and heirloom tomatoes here. I’ve had a dozen fruit set so far and more on the way. I used a paintbrush to help with pollination and it seems to have worked!

The kiddo really likes peas, so I figured I’d try some sugar snap peas once I harvested all the lettuce. I had to place them before the squash so they could get first dibs on the nutrients.

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