Category: greenhouse components

DIY Greenhouse Grow Lights

When this project began we knew that we’d have to have some sort of grow lighting if we planned on effectively growing throughout the long Michigan winters. I briefly explored the retail market for a lighting solution and quickly realized that that option was not in the budget.

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Aquaponics System Complete

We’ve wrapped up the things that we were working on mentioned in the last walkthrough video. This means the waste treatment components are complete, our cabinets are installed, and we’re all set up to start seeds. While all this work was being done, we’ve been cycling the system with tilapia fingerlings and our nitrate levels are starting to rise.

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Grow Bed Design Breakdown

From the beginning of this project, I have been tying to figure out the best way to build grow beds that use the maximum amount of available space. The primary blocker has always been coming up with the best way to waterproof the beds which will be made out of wood. The original design included a simple grow bed design to lay out the space, but it wasn’t detailed enough to estimate materials and cost. We’ll discuss design updates, materials, and reasons for the choices we made below.

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